Spray Shop Consumables

Symphony Coatings are a one stop shop for all of your spray shop and professional coatings needs, whether you need adhesives, abrasives, aerosols, filters or anything else.

We stock a wide range of spray shop consumables from the worlds leading manufacturers, including sia abrasives and Mirka, ensuring that you get the best performance at the best price.

Abrasives – Sanding Disks, Belts and Pads

The quality of the surface to be painted is one of the most critical factors in achieving a perfect finish. We stock a wide range of abrasives from the top European manufacturers from abrasive sanding disks and belts for wood, to grinding and cutting disks for metal.

We have technical experts trained in abrasives to ensure that we get you the right abrasive product to suit your needs, ensuring that you can get best solution for your project as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Sia Abrasives sanding discs and pads
Symphony Spray Shop Contact Adhesive


We supply high performance, purpose-developed adhesives which cover all essential areas of process and application within the coating and finishing industry.

SYM BOND 100 Grade Contact Spray Adhesive

SYM BOND is a high strength, 100 grade, contact spray adhesive for bonding wood, metals, rubber, carpet and flooring. Providing the ultimate performance at the best price

Supplied in 22ltr canisters which provide 70-75m2 of coverage. We also supply professional spray guns and hoses, ask us about our great value starter pack.

Key Benefits

  • Consistent web-spray pattern
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Fully portable adhesive system


Clear Aerosols

Symphony Coatings offers exact matched aerosol cans to the specific sheen level requirement of the clear product choice. These can be made in any single pack clear material including wood and metal coatings. Enter your product and sheen requirement below. Minimum order 6 x 400ml aerosols.

Pigmented Aerosols

Symphony Coatings offers exact colour matched aerosol cans to the specific colour and sheen level requirement of your choice. These can be made in any single pack material. Enter your colour, sheen level and product requirement below. Minimum order 6 x 400ml aerosols.


  • Exact colour matches guaranteed
  • Single pack materials only
  • Minimum 6 x 400ml aerosols
  • Shake for 2 minutes before use
SuperCup Measuring Cups

Paint Mixing Cups

Symphony Coatings Supercups are a premium paint mixing cup. They are made from thick, rigid polypropylene and lids are available for all sizes. There are calibrations showing volume (in millilitres) and mixing ratios (2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1).

Apart from being extremely accurate, these calibrations can be read from the inside of the cup. SuperCups can be used for accurately mixing paints and lacquers.


  • Strong construction
  • Lids available
  • Accurate calibrations and mixing ratios
  • Suitable for short term storage and transit of paint – cheaper than tins
  • Available in a 3 useful sizes: 600CC, 1100CC & 2200cc
  • Very smooth on the inside allowing complete mixing


Polishing Compounds

We supply a wide range of Polishing Compounds for high gloss burnishing and finishing from Safer Products Ltd. With an excellent range of products to clean, protect, restore and finish surfaces we can help you get the perfect finish.