Professional Coating Supplies


Symphony Coatings offer the widest range of wood finishes, protective coatings and spray shop supplies from the world’s leading manufacturers, all of which have been tested and approved by our experts who have decades of experience in spray shop paint and coatings.

We are the UK’s premier supplier of professional coatings, lacquers and paint for spray shops, all supported by brand leading capital equipment, innovative consumables and full colour matching.

We specialise in providing the highest quality and most cost effective solutions for your coating needs backed by full technical support. As an independent company we are not restricted to selling a limited range of products to suit us, giving you the choice from the world’s best manufacturers.

Symphony Coatings - Spray Shop Supplies, Wood Finishes and Metal Paints

Professional Coatings

We partner with the world’s leading industrial paint and coatings manufacturers to bring you the latest spray shop technology and highest quality coatings to ensure you get the perfect finish.

Spray Shop Supplies

We have all of the supplies you need for your spray shop, from industrial professional coatings and spray shop consumables, to health and safety and PPE and capital equipment.

Local Service - Nationally

We have branches located across the UK so that we can provide a great local service, nationally.

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