Spray Masks and Respiratory Equipment


The Symphony Coatings range of respiratory equipment covers solutions for all the types of hazards that are associated with our product range, covering simple solutions of spray masks for dust protection, to full airfed supply systems for the protection of 2 pack products and polyester type coatings. Our respiratory equipment protects the wearer of various hazards and we stock both disposable and reusable spray masks and respiratory equipment.

Whilst working around hazardous substances, there could be a danger of inhaling dusts and other particulates, such as mist, vapours, gases or fumes. The risk of not seeing or smelling most of these substances can cause harm to the your well-being. Using respiratory equipment such as spray masks, respirators, foam and surgical masks are required when exposure (through inhalation) to possible health hazards are present. This protective equipment can prevent lung and tissue damage or irritation, respiratory diseases, cancer and other serious illness and even death.

In all cases it is important to maximise spray booth efficiency and ventilation as this will help in the extraction of solvents and create a
safer and less hazardous area.

Which Respiratory Device should I use? 3M 9310
No Valve
3M 9312
With Valve
3M 9320
No Valve
3M 9322
With Valve
3M 4251
Half Face
3M 7500
Half Face
DeVilbiss Pro-Visor Air-Fed
Sanding of Wood  
Single Pack Paint & Lacquers        
Two Pack Paint & Lacquers
(excluding isocyanate products)
Two Pack Polyurethane & Polyester Type Products (containing isocyanate and styrene)            

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Spray mask 3m 4251 disposable respirator

3M 4251 Solvent Spray Mask (disposable)

3M’s 4000 series of solvent spray masks are a unique range of respirators with integral filters designed for effective and comfortable protection against many gases, vapours and combination particulate hazards found throughout the coatings and painting industry.

The single piece integral construction avoids operator assembly errors and allows the respirator to be designated to a specific work area. The mask provides protection against organic vapours with BP >65ºC+ (both water and oil based). Maximum use limitation for organic vapours is 10 x WEL or 1000ppm, whichever is the lowest and 10 x WEL for particulates.

3M 7500 Half Mask (reuseable)

This half face spray mask was designed with the wearer in mind. Its soft sealing surface, along with a uniquely designed, 3M™ Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve, enhances wearer comfort and face fit.

Made from a durable silicone it can be used with any of the 3M™ Filters and Cartridges, Series 2000, 5000, 6000 and 7093. Maximized comfort in air purifying respirators allows not only easy breathing filters and cartridges, but also a soft comfortable facepiece.

Half facepiece air purifying respirator users can now experience state-of-the-art features that help provide unsurpassed comfort with 3M™ Half Facepiece 7500 Series.

7500 Half Face Mask Spray Shop PPE
3M Disposable Respirator FFP2 Unvalved 9320
3M Aura 9322 Respirator Mask Safety Equipment

3M 9310 FFP1 Disposable Respirator

3M 9320 FFP2 Disposable Respirator

(without valve)

3M 9312 FFP1 Disposable Respirator

3M 9322 FFP2 Disposable Respirator

(with valve)

The advanced 3 panel design of the 3M 9300 series means they are easier to breathe through and not prone to collapse. Being foldable they offer you more convenience than traditional cup shaped respirators.

Improved comfort is achieved by using a soft material for sections of the respirator in contact with the skin. The respirators are individually packed to avoid contamination during storage and the straps are colour coded, making identification easier.


FFP1 Dust Masks

FFP1 Dust Masks protect against low levels of dust, as well as solid and liquid aerosols. It protects against materials in concentrations up to 4x occupational exposure limit (OEL) or 4x assigned protection factor (APF). FFP1 Dust Masks are suitable for hand sanding, drilling, and cutting.


FFP2 Dust Masks

FFP2 Dust Masks protect against moderate levels of dust, as well as solid and liquid aerosols. FFP2 Dust Masks have a higher level of protection than FFP1 – FFP2 masks protect against materials in concentrations up to 12x OEL or 4x APF. FFP2 masks are ideal for plastering and sanding.

3M 7502 Reuseable Half Face Spray Mask

Use with 3M 6075 Solvent Filters or 3M 2135 Dust Filters

The 3M 7502 spray mask was designed with the wearer in mind with a soft sealing surface, and 3M™ Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve to enhance wearer comfort and improve face fit.

It’s made from a durable silicone and can be used with any of the 3M™ Filters and Cartridges, Series 2000, 5000, 6000 and 7093.

The mask has a drop down feature for convenience during breaks and features a soft silicone facepeice for comfort an durability.

3M 7502 half face mask system and filters

DeVilbiss Pro-Visor Air-Fed Respiratory Protection System

DeVilbiss breathing systems are fully approved to EC directives and CE marked for total operator confidence. The DeVilbiss integral style air-fed Visor Outfit with a single air line supplies breathing and spraying air.

The waistbelt incorporates odour filter and pre-set visor air regulator. The visor is supplied with both foam and fabric face seal cassettes and is hinged with an adjustable crown strap and ratchet headband.

The MPV Air-Fed Face Visor outfit provides the effective, practical and comfortable solution for operator respiratory protection. This air-fed system is to be used in conjunction with the DeVilbiss FLRCAC-1 Filter Regulator Coalescer (see below).

Protection  APF = 40 / NPF = 200
Carbon Filter Life  3 months
Supply Pressure  4.0 bar (60 psi) minimum to 7.0 bar (100 psi) maximum
Air Flow Rate  128-160 l/min (4.5 – 5.7 scfm)
Noise level  @ 160 l/min 69.7 db
Approvals  BSi & complies to CE PPE directive 89/686/EEC. Conforms to EN 14594:2005
Zone Classifications  Suitable for use in Zones 1 & 2 / gas groups IIA and IIB, Cert: SR0136

This chart assists in complying with COSHH legislation and identifying the type of respiratory protection needed for the process and products used. All these products are readily available from your local Symphony branch. In the interests of health & safety, respiratory equipment should be used for one individual only and should not be shared. The above chart should be used as a guide only – for more specific information on the product being sprayed, please refer to your local Symphony Coatings branch.

DeVilbiss Pro-Visor Air-Fed Respiratory Protection System

DeVilbiss FLRCAC-1 Triple Filter Regulator Coalescer

The DeVilbiss FLRCAC-1 Triple Filter Regulator Coalescer is designed to remove entrained dirt, liquid, oil and water from flowing compressed air. The system provides air filtration down to 0.01 microns and activated carbon removing contaminants down to 0.003 ppm for both breathing and spraying.

• High efficiency filter designed to remove dirt, liquid oil and water from spraying and breathing air
• Filtration down to 0.01 microns plus activated carbon filter removing contaminants to 0.003ppm
• Single outlet filter regulator with coalescer with activated carbon filter
• Use in conjunction with the DeVilbiss Pro-Visor Air-Fed Respiratory Protection System (see above)