Sia Abrasives

Symphony Coatings are a major UK supplier of Sia Abrasives and stock their full range of products, from coated abrasive discs and pads, through nonwoven rolls and strips, foam pads and blocks to bonded cutting and grinding discs.

Owned by Bosch, sia are well known around the world for their high quality products which serve in the surface preperation of all application area’s and substrates. Using sia products can give you the perfect start, whatever your project.

Our technical service representatives are all fully trained in sia’s wide product portfolio, many of which have been trained at sia’s HQ in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. Through our guidance and support you can get the best surface on which to put our wood coatings and metal paint.

sia Abrasives

Perfect sanding solutions

sia Abrasives

Perfect Sanding Solutions

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Your Key to a Perfect Surface

sia Abrasives is one of the world’s leading suppliers of abrasives and have a leading range of products developed through 135 years of expertise and innovation.

Leading Abrasive Technology

sia only use premium materials alongside the latest production technologies and manufacturing equipment to provide sanding products at the highest level in constant quality.

Made in Switzerland

Founded in 1867, they have been manufacturing their high quality abrasive products in Switzerland since 1875.

Founded in

Core Products

Years of Experience

sia abrasives sanding discs

sia Abrasives – Sanding System Solutions

sia Abrasives for Wood

sia manufactures an entire range of products for the surface treatment of solid wood, wood-based materials, solid surface materials, paints and lacquers in furniture and interior work, kitchen and shop fitting, restoration and renovation, as well as in the painting trade.

sia Abrasives for Metal

sia provide a wide range of high-performance abrasive systems suitable for all metallic materials, metalworking sectors and industries, and all applications ranging from stock removal and surface treatment through to finishing and structuring.

sia fibotec multi-hole sanding disks

FiboTec multi-hole

Taking inspiration from nature and the Fibonacci Sequence, sia Abrasives has developed a groundbreaking new hole pattern for its abrasives.

The holes in the abrasive disc are arranged on opposing spirals such as those found in a sunflower. In sanding applications this hole pattern provides superior dust extraction, significantly reduced clogging and longer life of abrasive materials.

  • Works up to 50 percent faster due to better dust extraction and less clogging
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher process stability
  • Better occupational health and safety

Sianet from Sia Abrasives

Sia abrasives have extended their product range with the net-backed abrasives 7900 Sianet and 7500 Sianet.

The new abrasive range can be used for coarse and fine grinding of different materials and surfaces thanks to the differing grains and grit used. The open net design provides the ultimate dust extraction and hole compatibility.