Oece pride themselves on producing the best paints and lacquers for the treatment of wood, glass and also paper, metal and plastic surfaces. As a brand of Sherwin-Williams Paints they are able to focus on supplying innovative and sustainable products that suit virtually any surface or substrate.

Constantly known and awarded for producing high quality products especially their special-effect finishes and exceptionally aesthetic glass paints, as well as the line of eco-friendly products with less than 5% solvent.

Symphony Coatings supply the wide range of Oece paints available and are experienced in providing ongoing support and guidance on the Oece coating systems.



OECE was established in 1962 to produce paints for the Italian furniture industry, in the 1980’s they developed the first purely water-based coating system for glass.

In the 1990’s the company went international, forming part of Swedish group, Klintens. In 1996 through the joint venture between Klintens and Becker Acroma, OECE gained a considerable market boost before being bought out by Sherwin-Williams who are the current owners.

Established in


eco-friendly solvents.




Fully dedicated to providing high performance with a low environmental impact. Their search for a constant balance between efficiency, high quality and respect for environmental norms is found at the core of the OECE policies, with the protection and the sustainability of nature being of great importance, whilst also supplying an excellence in their products.

They’re fully immersed into manufacturing products that are all-round healthier for customers. This results in benefits in the air and significantly improving the work environment.


Oece wood paints and coatings


Can be used on exterior furnishing, interior furnishing, boats, aircraft interiors, steering wheels for cars, handicraft items, picture frames and doors. Oece wood coatings are suited to the needs of every client.
Wide variety of special effects for top coats: –

1. Embossed,
2. Metalized,
3. Velvet (Vento di Dresda and soft touch non-slip effect),
4. Mother of pearl,
5. Fluorescent fluolac,
6. Twinkle stardust,
7. Solvent-based and water-based peach skin effect (even, high matt effect that also has a particularly soft texture.)

8. Cracked effect (water based and solvent),
9. Solvent-based marble veining effect,
10. One-part, waterborne granite effect,
11. Solvent-based silver-chrome metalized effect (A metalized paint with a very fine metallic grain that is almost invisible but highly reflective.)


Oece produce a wide range of UV curable coatings for wood. The main advantages of using UV curable coatings are: high production speeds, savings in terms of space, coatings with extended or unlimited pot life, acrylic paints generally ready to use and low or non-existent solvent emissions into the air.


The Oece topcoats contain good elasticity, no ‘’blocking’’, excellent flow and quick settling. In order to ensure a good resistance on outdoor exposure, OECE have created a range of clear water-based products that are made with an optimal dose of UV absorbers, which also has free radical scavengers.


OECE produces a line of coatings and special effects for glass that was created to offer new aesthetic solutions for architects and designers for the design and furniture sector.

+ State-of-the-art production technologies

+ Mainly waterborne pigmented topcoats

+ Excellent adhesion

+ Inalterability of the physical-chemical properties

Oece Glass Paint

Plastic Coatings

Oece produces a range of coatings for plastics with the best aesthetic qualities and technical performances. Oece also has coatings for handicraft items in rigid foam polyurethane, melamine paper and laminates.

Metal Coatings

Oece produces a range of coatings for metal with the best performances, can be used on railings, fences and gates.