Liqui-Met – Liquid Metal Coatings

Symphony Coatings supply the great new range of Liquid Metal Coatings from Liqui-Met. Made with up to 95% liquid metal Liqui-Met can be applied to most substrates to create a genuine metal finish and can be applied using a gravity fed spray gun.

Liqui-Met is a decorative sprayable metal coating which allows you to coat any substrate to give the impression that it is made of solid metal. The products have been used in some of the UK’s best restaurants, hotel chains and private businesses as well as on luxury yachts.

Liqui-Met has been used successfully on a wide range of surfaces to give a wide range of special effects, with Liqui-Met you can get an amazing metal finish for your project.

Liquid Metal Coatings for Wood

There are currently 10 standard liquid metal colour options to choose from, shown below. There are many more colours, finishes and special effects available, contact us to find out more.

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