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Established in Germany in 1910, Hesse-Lignal is a leading manufacturer of interior wood finishes in Europe. The company’s portfolio includes lacquer,poly-urethanes (PU), water-based and UV-cure coatings, and has a strong focus on environmentally friendly coatings.

Their RS system is renowned for its mild solvents and releasing extremely low amounts of formaldehyde. This is coupled with low odour and being free from aromatic solvents like Xylene and toluene which are hazardous to your health.

Symphony Coatings are the premier supplier of Hesse-Lignal coatings in the UK and provide comprehensive support on all of the Hesse wood coatings range. We are able to provide both application and health and safety advice for your spray booth and prepare detailed individual specifications.


Emphasising all things surface related
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Professional Coating Products

Hesse lacquers cover wood, wood materials, glass, plastics and metals on a scale from small craft work to large industrial coating systems.

Market Leading Innovation

Hesse coating systems are based on the latest technology in lacquer chemistry and innovation. Hesse’s leading RS System has removed the phthalates, xylene and toluene found in acid curing lacquers.

Made in Germany

Hesse are based and make all their products in Germany. Hesse’s quality control system ensures consistancy and a high quality finish.

Founded in

Core Products

Coating formulations

Hesse-Lignal Lacquers and Coatings


RS System

Reactive System lacquer

The RS System
The RS or Reactive System lacquer is a unique development from Hesse’s R & D Laboratory.

The goal was to develop a lacquer free from the well known hazards of Acid curing lacquers, for instance the high release of formaldehyde a well known carcinogen. Additionally a lacquer that could out perform AC lacquers in a number of fields.

The RS System is built on a new and unique way of hardening the lacquer film. Instead of having a lacquer that reacts with itself within hours, resulting in a short potlife like the PU and Acid curing systems, they came up with a lacquer which reacts only in combination with oxygen in the air. This means that instead of counting potlife in hours we now count it in weeks! This means less waste as you can use the lacquer days after you have mixed it.


Suitable for all interior fittings and for coating furniture in an extremely wide range of wood types, priming foils and MDF.


• Better working conditions in factories with less health risk for employees
• Faster overall production time in order to improve cost/benefit through faster drying
• An easy to sand system reducing sanding costs, time and effort required
• Less production waste due to a longer pot life
• High solid levels in the mixed lacquer, reducing the application quantity to lower over-spray and waste
• A system with no residual smell for the end customer receiving finished furniture
• Outstanding smoothness similar to the best performing PU lacquers
• Free from normal phthalate plasticizers, which cause reproductive damage to people
• An affordable system with a good cost to benefit rate

A Safer Option

Hesse’s RS system is built in a radically different way than acid curing lacquers. It is built on mild solvents with a low odour and is free from aromatic solvents like Xylene and toluene which are hazardous to your health.

The extreme low release of formaldehyde is reduced far below the E1 limit (0,1 ppm), meaning the lacquer is not adding to the release of formaldehyde in people’s homes after curing. Classic acid-curing lacquers release 10-25 times more formaldehyde than the RS range.


Bathroom and kitchen

Strong surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom

Bathroom and kitchen furniture has to be survive in a tough environment, where spilt tea or red wine, boiling kettles and high moisture levels are common.

Hesse-lignal lacquers and stains help protect kitchen and bathroom furniture so that even after years of use they shine like new.
As kitchen and bathroom furniture is modular, with sections coated separately, care needs to be taken to ensure the tone and colour matches for all parts. Our colour matching service combined with Hesse-lignal’s quality assurance means that you can be sure your assembled units and repeat orders will match.
Kitchen furniture finishing and coatings by Hesse Lignal

Waterborne Stain Application Video


Add the perfect finish to furniture

The coating and surface of furniture significantly enhances it’s design, whether they are polished modern designs or a weathered rustic look. Hesse products give your furniture a great finish and high quality feel enhancing their beauty and value.

Get the ultimate finish through perfectly matched base coats as well as coloured and gloss lacquers. Hesse top quality high gloss coatings show off your production skills.

You can coat furniture in a VOC-compliant way with sustainable HYDRO lacquers or traditional polyurethane systems, or coat large items with HYDRO-UV lacquers. The system is determined by your requirements and specifications.

designer living room furniture coatings

Natural Wood Effect Application Video

Glass Coatings

Creative Glass Coatings

Architects are increasingly using glass in home and office designs to create bright and open spaces and bring the outdoors inside. Glass partition doors and walls, partly with screening or artistic elements are also becoming increasingly popular. Such glass items used to be satined, etched or sand blasted. Now glass can be easily coated instead.

There are many benefits of glass coating, the most important of which is its cost effectiveness. In general, coated glass in smaller batch sizes is more cost effective than glass processed in the usual way. Coating glass also significantly improves its resistance against the demands put on it as well as environmental contaminants such as oil, dirt and hand perspiration. The top surface of the glass is not roughened but well protected by the layer of lacquer.

In addition, any colour tone, transparent, clear or opaque, desired can be applied to match the interior design. Further individual options are possible by using stencils, pictograms etc.

Hesse offer a comprehensive range of products for glass coating, from traditional polyurethane lacquers right up to innovative water-based glass lacquers. All solvent and water-based versions are particularly light-fast and chemical and water resistant (DIN 68861 Part 1B) as well as safe and easy to work with. Hesse glass lacquers can be used in very demanding areas, such as in hospitals.

Overall, glass is an ideal substrate for surface treatment as there are no disruptive or influencing substances.

Interior Finishes

Creative surfaces for interior finishes

Creativity and skillful planning is required for interior finishes. All technical options should be considered when putting the interior’s designers ideas into practice.

Hesse’s comprehensive range of products offer a huge range of options for interior finishing. From the classic all-rounder in the clear polyurethane or HYDRO sector, through the infinite colour tones available from stains and coloured lacquers, up to the special effect versions.

Hesse comply with all current standards relating to interior finishes such as DIN 4102-B1 regarding fire performance or DIN 68861 part 1B, allowing Hesse coatings to be used in government buildings, hotels, restaurants, museums, businesses and office buildings.

Interior Doors

Fine interior doors, perfectly protected

Door coatings have been part of our core business for decades. Traditional UV lacquers, HYDRO Lacquers or combinations of HYDRO and UV lacquers are used with the single level method and in automatic spraying systems for industrial door coatings.

Hesse provides coating systems for all programmes. You can also use new coating and hardening procedures such as the modern UV LED technique with our products. Open- and closed-pore, opaque coloured, transparent or clear coated. We take on all of the challenges of day-to-day production in the door industry and work together with our customers to find bespoke solutions that perfectly match your requirements. Naturally we also offer a high quality of product for manual door coatings.

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