Hempel Coatings – Protective and Marine Paint


Symphony Coatings are Hempel coatings preferred supplier in the UK and are able to provide rapid colour matching, technical advice and full ongoing support for Hempel’s wide range of professional protective coatings.

Hempel is a world-leading coatings supplier for the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets. From wind turbines and bridges to ships, containers and power stations, Hempel’s industrial coatings protect manmade structures from the corrosive environmental forces of nature.

We stock Hempel’s wide range of anticorrosive coatings designed to protect virtually any type of steel structure. Hempel paints deliver proven, long-term effectiveness, protecting components in even the most challenging alkaline or acidic environments.

Through our rapid colour mixing service we can supply you with the right Hempel coatings product in any shade you need, including RAL, NCS and BS and custom makes, for your project.

Hempel Coatings Professional Protective Paints

Hempel Protective Coatings

Hempel coatings advanced anti-corrosive coatings provide long lasting protection from the corrosive forces of nature.


Proven Paint Technology

Hempel coatings are renowned for delivering proven, long-term effectiveness, in protecting components in even the most challenging environments, including offshore gas and oil structures and the insides of chemical tanks.

Advanced Waterborne Coatings

Hempel’s advanced waterborne products and innovative ideas help customers cut fuel consumption, reduce emissions and hit their environmental targets.

Founded by J.C. Hempel

Billion Revenue in 2014

Years Protecting London's Tower Bridge

Hempel Product Ranges

Hempadur Waterborne Epoxy Primer

Hempadur is a waterborne epoxy primer which provides long-lasting corrosion-inhibiting protection for a wide range of steel structures.

Based on Hempel’s waterborne epoxy technology, the Hemudur range of products deliver good outdoor performance and will ensure you benefit from long maintenance intervals as well as easy maintenance.

Hempacore Intumescent Passive Fire Protection

Hempacore is Hempel’s range of intumescent coatings for structural steel which offer passive fire protection for cellulosic fires, so that it can retain its load-bearing capacity for up to two hours.

The Hempacore range of coatings have been optimized for durability to improve long-term performance and reliability. They have a high solids volume and can tolerate dry film thickness up to 1,500 microns, so you can cover a large surface area in a single coat.

Hempathane Robust Topcoats

Hempathane topcoats and finishing coats are designed for steel protection in severely corrosive atmospheric conditions. They are ideal for offshore constructions where colour and gloss resistance and corrosion protection is needed, as well as chemically corrosive environments.

Hempalin Alkyd Coatings

Hempalin alkyd coatings product range includes primers that deliver reliable corrosion protection as well as enamel topcoats delivering very good colour and weather resistance for steel substrates. Hempalin coatings are ideal for civil structures such as bridges, airports and other buildings in mild to medium corrosive environments.

Avantguard® Anti-corrosion Coatings

Based on activated zinc, the high-performance Hempadur Avantguard® protective primer coatings are specified for tough C4 and C5 corrosive conditions.

Avantguard® protective coatings have been proven to deliver significantly higher galvanic corrosion protection than zinc primers without Avantguard® technology, as well as enabling barrier and inhibitor corrosion protection.