Health & Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


At Symphony coatings, we understand the importance in providing adequate protection against the overspray, solvents and dusts that can be associated with spray shops and sanding areas and offer a full range of health and safety and PPE for protecting employees while being exposed to these typical hazards.

Hazards are always there in the workplace – even dust or debris could hurt or damage the health of employees if no protection is worn while working. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) acts as a safeguard against many hazards prevailing in workplaces like fire, hazardous chemicals or dangerous objects. The importance of PPE is often ignored, but the truth is that it is instrumental in saving the lives of millions of workers in the UK by minimising the risks of workplace related injuries, accidents or infections.

We supply a wide range of spray masks and health & safety equipment to ensure that you and your employees are fully protected from the many hazards involved in wood and metal working and running a spray booth.

Health and Safety Equipment Clothing PPE Tyvec Overalls

Hooded Overalls – Tyvec and 3M

If your job poses a risk of damaging your body from exposure to on-the-job physical and health hazards, you are should be required to wear clothing that will resist the hazards involved like coveralls or partial body protective equipment such as aprons, gloves or boots.

These PPE’s are especially and specifically designed to protect your body from the job’s hazards.

When working with solvents and dust, it is important to prevent skin contact, so long sleeved overalls that offer a good level of protection should be used. If they become contaminated, and there is a possibility of the contamination soaking through to undergarments and the skin, overalls should be remove immediately. Regular washing of overalls is advisable.

Symphony supply Tyvek, 3M and other branded overalls which are lightweight, disposable, ultra low linting and provide protection against limited liquid splashes and hazardous dusts.

Eye Protection – Safety Goggles and Glasses

Eye protection such as safety glasses, goggles and face shields must be worn when performing jobs that may cause hard, sharp or small objects to fly or corrosive liquids or chemicals to splash or become airborne. All of these are frequent occurences in a professional spray shop.

Nearly three out of five injured workers were not wearing eye protection at the time of the accident or were wearing the wrong kind of eye protection for the job. Eye injuries alone cost more than £200 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses and worker compensation.

Symphony offer a market leading pair of (EN166) safety glasses, manufactured by 3M, to protect the eyes from the hazards found in the spray shop and surrounding areas.

PPE Safety Glasses and Goggles - Eye Protection Equipment
Hand Protection Latex Gloves

Hand Protection – Gloves and Hand Cleaners

Spraying, cleaning, handling – when working in a spray shop environment, all these processes involve protection of the hands. Coming into contact with hazardous chemicals such as the solvents used in spraying, can irritate or burn your hands.

Symphony offer a wide choice of gloves and hand cleaners, designed to minimise the exposure to harmful solvents and other irritants which your hands may come into contact with.

A complete range of disposable gloves for industrial use. Latex, vinyl and nitrile varieties. Use nitrile blue gloves where a greater degree of solvent resistant is needed.

Ear Protection – Ear Plugs, Muffs and Bands

To avoid hearing loss, you need to wear ear protection in areas where decibel readings are high especially those with machineries and equipment producing loud and strong noise. You need to have equipment designed for effective protection of the ears, like ear plugs and earmuffs.

A company should issue a pair of earplugs/ earmuffs to those personnel whose area of work requires them
to wear such. In cases where prolonged exposure may deafen you, ask for relief by having rotation of workers.

Symphony Coatings supply market leading ear protection to suit your needs, varying from personal preference to the working environment. For great value earplugs, earmuffs and ear bands contact your local branch or ask your Symphony technical representative.