Spray Shop Support Services


Symphony Coatings provide a comprehensive support service to help you get the most out of your spray booths and spray shop, from preperation, paint and coatings advice, to help you achieve the perfect finish, to full spray shop and air flow audits, to maximise your production.

We have on the road technical experts who are experienced in the coatings industry and able to advise you on the latest coatings technology, helping you get the best finish whatever substrate you are working on.

We provide a complete waste collection service to ensure your site is kept clear of hazards and can repair and provide replacement parts to ensure your booth is always working at its best.

Symphony ‘Speed Tinting’ – Paint Colour Matching Service

The ‘Symphony Speed Tint’ system enables most paint, lacquer and coatings to be manufactured in over 50,000 different colours.

In addition to our standard colours, if you still cannot find your chosen colour, bespoke requirements can be met with the use of the Symphony Coatings’ spectrophotometer cameras used in every branch.

Virtually any solid colour can be matched including metallics and pearlescents, to meet individual requirements. Pantone colours are available but the reproduction of these colours can sometimes prove difficult. Please contact your local Symphony Coatings branch or technical representative for more information.

Paint Colour Matching Service - Symphony Speed Tinting

• Spray, brush or roller
• 99.99% colour reproduction
• Most colours can be matched
• Spray outs can be supplied
• Pearlescents and special colours available
• 24 hour turnaround

Spray Out Colour Cards

Symphony Coatings can produce specific spray out colour cards with every batch of paint sold. This enables customers to see the colour before they spray themselves and can also act as a control sample for quality control purposes.

A small ‘wet’ sample is taken from the batch of paint being manufactured and sprayed onto a controlled white card. Errors can be rectified before even opening the tin.

• Allows quick visual check of the colour
• Corrects colour errors before spraying
• Can be given to customers before contractors start the job
• Allows a colour sample to be retained as a ‘master’ standard

Spray Shop Audit Waste Collection Page

Spray Shop Audit

For customers new to spraying or for our regular customers wishing to review their spraying operation, Symphony Coatings can offer free spray shop audits.

Are you getting the maximum productivity from your spray shop for the lowest cost? Our technical experts will discuss your spraying facilities including air flow, wet coatings choice, substrates and air pressures to see where we can improve your process or find cost savings.

Through our partnerships with the worlds leading manufacturers we can advise you on the latest technological developments from the widest range of coatings and spray shop supplies available.

Contact your local Symphony Coatings branch for more information or speak to your technical representative.

Spray Booth Air Flow Report

Symphony Coatings can assist in providing spray booth air flow reports as part of the legal requirements of COSHH regulations. A detailed report can be given after measurements from 9 specific areas along the face of the booth have been taken. Contact your local branch for more information.

• Use as part of the COSHH regulations
• 99% accurate readings
• Full report given
• Use with 12 month intervals between readings

Spray Shop Air Flow Audit - Symphony Coatings
Spray Shop Services and Repair - Symphony Coatings

Equipment Servicing and Repairs

Symphony Coatings have service and repair centres throughout the UK to fully support the sales of all Symphony Coatings supplied spray shop equipment and capital machinery such as pressure pots and spray pumps. On many occasions we can supply replacements whilst your equipment is being serviced. A delivery and collection service is available as well as on-site servicing.

• Full repair facilities
• Routine service work
• Replacements available during repair
• Competitively priced
• Can be picked up and delivered if required

On Site Services and Repairs

Symphony Coatings can service and repair spray equipment, spray booths and compressors at your site. This is especially useful when sending spray booth equipment away to be repaired would lead to ‘down time’ and a loss of money.

• Stops equipment being ‘sent away’ for repair
• Reduces down time
• Loan equipment available if required
• Short notice periods can be given before arrival on site

Spray Shop on Site Services
Symphony Coatings Waste Collection Services

Waste Collection Service

We provide a complete waste collection service for all spray shop waste streams from empty cans and used rags, through to leftover solvents and paint.

Waste disposal will be carried out with appropriate paperwork and documentation, giving you a clear and concise audit trail showing the whole process. Our objective is to provide you with a cost effecive, sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for removing your waste.

Contact us for further information or to book a waste collection or free environmental audit.

Waste Service Benefits

• One-stop solution for finishing supplies and waste removal
• Remove dangerous waste from your site
• Recovery, re-use and recycling of waste
• Ensuring your waste compliance
• Full documentation of recovered waste
• Free environmental audit available

What We Collect

• Waste liquid material
• Used thinners/gun wash
• Used rags and gloves
• Used abrasives and booth filters
• Empty paint tins
• And much more….

VOC reporting - Spray Booth Services

VOC Reports

Symphony Coatings can supply Volatile Organic Compound Reports (VOC’s) for all solvents and solvent based paints supplied.

This service is useful when customers are under pressure to reduce VOC’s as a direct result of the Environmental Protection Act. The basic assumption being that the more solvent released into the atmosphere, the more this will contribute to GLOBAL WARMING.

Symphony Coatings can offer ‘greener’ alternatives to traditional high VOC products, without compromising speed of production or quality of the finished item being coated. The VOC report service is supplied free of any charge. It can be produced, monthly, quarterly or yearly, helps you keep track of solvent emission and shows if you are nearing the 5 tonne per year limit.