In July 2015 the ancient Prendiparte Tower in Bologna was restored using Renner Italia’s wood coatings. Renner wood coatings restored the sixty meters of wood that clamber the medieval tower, the second highest tower in the city for free.
“We accepted this exciting challenge – declared Renner Italia managing director Lindo Aldrovandi -. Prendiparte Tower is Bologna’s architectural and historical heritage. In my opinion, from the Tower it is possible to enjoy the best view of the city; you can see the two most known tower (Asinelli and Garisenda), San Petronio Basilica, Madonna di San Luca Sanctuary, the hills…”.
Matteo Giovanardi, the tower’s private owner, transformed the tower in an exclusive B&B. In 2014, the Lonely Planet travel guide nominated the romantic B&B inside Prendiparte Tower the third most beautiful hotel in the world.
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