Spray Shop Equipment

Symphony Coatings supply all of the equipment needed to run a spray shop from spray guns through to a full spray booth and air extraction system.

Through our partnership with leading suppliers we are able to get the best spray shop equipment at the lowest prices. Our technical experts are available to help you ensure your spray booth runs as smoothly as possible and ensure you get the perfect finish.

Symphony Coatings Devilbiss Spray Gun Air

Spray Guns

We supply a range of professional spray guns suitable for any spray shop from single spray booths to automated spray lines. The spray guns are specially designed for the application of modern finishes from our ranges of wood coatings and metal coatings.

The range includes pressure, suction and gravity fed guns made by DeVilbiss, a renowned manufacturer of premium performance and high quality spray guns which have been approved by all the leading paint companies around the globe.

For expert advice and to find out more about the range of spray guns and spray shop equipment available contact your local depot, or your technical sales representative.

Spray Pump Systems

We supply a complete range of spray pump systems and associated products for wood and metal finishing. Our in house experts are able to provide full technical support and advice to ensure you get the right spray pump for your needs and help you ensure that you get a great return on your investment.

We supply the complete range of WAGNER spray pump systems which provide an excellent return on investment as well as pumps from Binks and Kremlin.

Icebreaker Wagner Puma Spray Pump
Spray shop drying rack capital equipment Gibbs

Gibbs Spray Shop Drying Racks

We supply a range of portable spray shop drying racks in a wide range of sizes from 13 to 25 bars to suit most spray shop needs.

We have standard, fixed frame, and expandable drying racks available to ensure you can make the best use of your available space. They have a fully welded secure construction which is powder coated for a durable, high quality finish.

They are also available with 1mm thick replaceable Poly-Prop plastic sleeves and end bungs which protect your panels against accidents and enables easy cleaning of the bars. Many of our racks have a unique ‘nesting’ feature allowing different rack sizes to nest together when not in use.

Symphony Coatings can produce any size drying rack to meet individual requirements. These include wall mounted and portable versions. Each product can be customised by width, height and depth as well as the number of levels. Contact your local Symphony Coatings branch for more information.

Solvent Recycling

  • Reduce clean solvent purchases
  • Reduce solvent waste disposal costs (dispose of dry solids and bag as non-hazardous waste subject
    to local authority approval)Reduce VOC’s (approx. 22kg of VOC’s are saved per 25 litres of average gunwash recycled)
  • Reduce health and safety risks of waste solvent stored on site
  • Up to 98% plus solvent content recovery (solvent yield dependent on waste solids volume)
  • Running costs incl. electricity, recycling bag and regular services approx. £3 per 25 ltrs (0.12p a ltr)
Unic Solvent Recycling system diagram

Paint Can Crusher – Unic UCC20/25

The Unic UCC20/25 robust pneumatic can crusher will automatically crush paint cans, tins and drums from 1 ltr to 30 ltr. It is equipped with a double acting pneumatic cylinder with large stoke and bore, as a safety feature the doors cannot be opened while crushing is in progress.

Paint can crushers can provide considerable financial saving by reducing the size of empty cans by up to 90%, reducing the number of waste bins and collections required.

Unic UCC20-25 Paint and Coatings Can Crusher

Spray Booths and Rooms

As well as spray shop equipment we also supply a range of leading spray booths and spray rooms from the worlds leading manufacturers. We use our expertise in coatings and spray shop technology to ensure that your industrial spray booth provides you with the highest levels of production capacity with continuous overspray filtration and extraction, while requiring the lowest amount of maintenance and down time.

Symphony Coatings can assist in providing spray booth air flow reports as part of the legal requirements of COSHH regulations. A detailed report can be given after measurements from 9 specific areas along the face of the booth have been taken. Contact your local branch or technical sales representative for more information.

Spray Booths – Dry Back

Symphony Coatings are main agents for 5 market leading spray booth manufacturers and can supply booths to suit any requirement from flat pack self assembly booths to fully installed large units, with single or multiple fans.

  • Any size booth available
  • With or without silencers
  • Complies with all current safety recommendations and requirements
  • Flat Pack or installation service available

Prices start from £2k and go though to bespoke installations in excess of £100k. Let us know your size requirements and we can quote or we can arrange a free site visit from one of our trained staff, who can provide you with a taylor made and cost effective solution.

Spray Booth Dry Back with filters
Spray Rooms and booths for painting and coatings

Spray Rooms

Symphony Coatings have a wealth of experiencing in the supply and fit of spray rooms with or without the addition of heat. Careful planning is involved with aspects of positioning, airflow, drying and size. Contact your local Symphony Coatings branch for a site visit to discuss your individual requirements and a competitive quotation.

  • Bespoke and designed to meet individual customer requirements
  • Rigid construction (galvanised steel panels, pre-formed and punched)
  • Floor in extraction chamber for improved air flow and to aid cleaning
  • Selection of filter media available (Columbus Industries, Pleated Binks type, Soil and Strip, bag filters)
  • Various heating options available

Spray Booth Fans

Symphony Coatings supply spray booth fans to suit your requirements and ensure that all overspray is extracted from your working environment. We supply either flame proof or non flame proof fans which are manufactured from high quality materials and have several low cost replacement parts, making servicing easy and cost effective. Our technical experts are available to assess your needs to ensure you have the right levels of extraction and filtration.

Spray booth fans and extraction
Spray booth lights and spray shop lighting

Flame Proof Booth Lights

We supply a range of flame and explosion proof spray booth lighting for use within the spraying area. The booth lights are ATEX approved and available in single or twin lamp versions.

The risk of an explosion within a dust environment, such as spray booths, joinery and woodworking shops, has necessitated an approval for lighting equipment used within these areas. All electrical and combustible materials inside the spray booth and within 20 feet of the booth are covered under OSHA standards. Only fixed lighting enclosed in protective panels and portable lamps approved for hazardous Class I locations may be used in spray booths. All open flames, heat and spark producing equipment must be kept 20 feet from the spray booth unless separated by a partition.

Spray Shop Heaters

We offer a complete range of spray shop heating equipment to suit the size and layout of your workshop and spray booths. The range of spray booth heaters available goes from portable infrared heaters and gas heaters through to fixed thermo catbox ovens.

Infrared Sprayshop Heaters

Infrared Portable Spray Shop Heaters

We supply highly portable infrared heaters, constructed from powder coated metal with tilting heads giving directional heat control. Fitted with two quartz infrared elements and chemically polished reflectors for maximum heat emission. Controllable power output through rocker switches on the rear of the main assembly.
Has easy-rolling castors with a locking castor fitted to the rear, power cable and BS /ASTA approved plug.

Thermo Catalytic Gas Heater - Sprayshop Heating

Thermo Catalytic Gas Heaters

We supply Bruest, ATEX approved, stainless steel, flameless gas catalytic infrared heaters. These come complete with stainless steel “finger-proof” protective face-grills and are safe to use inside most spray shops. They use catalytic heat, supplied from either a gas cylinder or mains gas. These heaters are excellent for drying and curing both solvent based paint and water based coatings and can greatly speed up drying times.

A typical 3.5 metre x 3.5 metre room will require just one or two heaters (6ft x 1ft).

Thermo Catalytic Gas Heater - Sprayshop Heating

Thermo Catbox Oven

We supply Bruest, ATEX certified, flameless gas-catalytic haters and gas saving industrial oven systems. These self contained drying rooms improve curing, speed up drying times and reduce drying issues and are bespoke to suit your spray shop requirements.

Contact your local Symphony Coatings branch or representative for more information or to book a site visit to discuss your requirements in detail.

Orbital Sanders for Metal and Wood

We supply high quality orbital sanders from the worlds leading manufacturers including Mirka, Sioux and Bosch for sanding and polishing metal and wood.

Our 150mm sanders are available with 2.5mm and 5mm orbits. When combined with our wide range of abrasive disks we can make sure that you can acheive the perfect finish for the lowest possible cost, on any substrate.

Orbital sanders prevent swirl marks through spinning the sanding disk while moving it in small ellipses, ensuring no part of the abrasive travels the same path twice. This also means they are not sensitive to the direction of wood grain.

Mirka 150mm random orbit sander

Mirka Orbital Sanding Machines

We sell Mirka’s leading range of pneumatic random orbital sanding machines which are highly effective and durable tools for professional sanding. They feature an ergonomic design and are built with lightweight, hi-tech materials to combine optimal strength and high user comfort. The sanders are built for maximum dust extraction, even at low suction power, and have a low noise level even when operating at their 12,000 rpm maximum.

Bosch Random Orbit Sanders

Regardless of whether you want to sand or polish, whether on wood, plastic, metal, roughcast or paint, whether on flat or curved surfaces, the Bosch PEX principle in the random orbit sanders from Bosch ensures the finest finish and high sanding performance.

With a Bosch random orbit sander, you will achieve the best results on different surfaces such as wood, metal or plastic. These handy tools are suitable both for sanding and polishing – even on curved surfaces.

Bosch 150mm orbital sander
Sioux tools 150mm orbital paint sander

Sioux Sanders

Sioux sanders are engineered to cover the full range of applications in metal, automotive, composite, and wood finishing. Their innovative, lightweight designs ensure they perform to the highest standards while still being comfortable to operate. Each sander delivers high levels of power and performance, allowing you to achieve a perfect finish.