WAGNER Spray Pumps


We supply WAGNER’s leading range of spray pump systems for wood and metal finishing, from single components in the areas of feeding, mixing, controlling and application to complete pump kits and full site installations.

WAGNER is a leading manufacturer of top-quality, high-tech surface spray pumps and systems for the professional application of paints and coatings.

For superior finishing, high transfer efficiency, productivity and reduced waist WAGNER pumps and coating systems make for a great investment.

WAGNER Spray Pumps and Wood Finishing

Home of the Spray Gun

WAGNER have been perfecting their paint spraying and coating systems since 1953 when the company’s founder Josef Wagner developed the first “airless” electric paint spraying gun.

Pump and Spray Systems

WAGNER are market leading manufacturer of pump and spray systems for surface finishing using wet coatings, paints and other liquid materials.

Expert Advice and Support

Symphony Coatings have many years experience and expertise with WAGNER products and are able to provide product advice and support. We also have access to WAGNER specialists who can visit you on site.

WAGNER high pressure spray application solutions

We will work with you to ensure that you achieve the perfect finish whatever your substrate and can supply you with WAGNER’s excellent Airless and Air Spray systems.

Airless technology provides a faster application speed than Air Spray with lower overspray and higher transfer efficiency.

Air Spray technology provides higher levels of control allowing easy and precise adjustments of the atomizing air and of the fan width, for maximum application versatility and finishing quality.

Aircoat Manual Spray Guns

WAGNER AirCoat gun range features two models to fit any hand size for best working comfort. Professional tools made to work hard and last a long time. Very high transfer efficiency, and perfect finishing. All guns are suitable to operate up to 250 bar.

WAGNER AirCoat Spray Gun

Piston Pump Spraypacks

The WAGNER Spraypacks start with the compact units EvoMotion 40-15 and 20-30. The pumps are simple, reliable and versatile making them perfect for coating windows frames or spraying furniture and wood panels. They can be filled with small paint volumes making them ideal for small jobs.

Icebreaker – Puma Pump

IceBreaker units Puma 28-40 are ideal when a large quantity of paint is needed or when there are several guns to feed. No fear of abrasive fillers, pulsations and no icing problems. The Puma spray pump unites offer excellent reliability, top pump performance and come with a full range of accessories.

Icebreaker Wagner Puma Spray Pump
WAGNER Spray Pumps and Finishing