Tikkurila Decorative Paints


With over 150 years of experience, Tikkurila has established itself to be one of the big brand names in Eurasia. Tikkurila provides high quality products for both metal and wood finishing, providing up to date paints and coatings for the needs of decorative and industrial customers.

Symphony Coatings supply a wide range of Tikkurila’s decorative paints in the UK and are able to provide application advice and health and safety guidance for your spray booth.


Long-lasting protection and continuous beauty for built environments

User- friendly and sustainable solutions for surface protection and decoration

Pioneers of renewable painting, surface treatment and use of colours



As Tikkurila is based in countries where weather is harsher, the company has adapted its materials to sustain the harsh conditions that are experienced. This has resulted in a coating that is adaptable to cold and hot weather, with flexibility and durable for many years.



Founded in


Production Facilities

Metal Coatings


The product range for metal surfaces from Tikkurila vary from the traditional alkyd paint, to modern high-tech single-coat polyurethanes. This includes primers and topcoats that are solvent-borne, to high-solid paints, that are more environmentally friendly and solvent-free, to water-borne products.

Wood Coatings


Tikkurila has a wide range of products for both exterior and interior applications in the wood-working industry, which includes orthodox solvent-borne, acid-catalyses and polyurethane-based products as well as modern environmental-friendly water-borne acrylic and water-borne UV-curing products.
Tikkurila’s wood coatings can cover everything from primer, to colour and to oil. It suits every need and can be applied to virtually every surface for wood.