Sherwin-Williams Wood Finishing

Symphony Coatings are the sole supplier of Sherwin-Williams wood finishing solutions and coatings in the UK. Sherwin-Williams are a global industrial coatings leader and experts in the development of technologically advanced paint.

Sherwin-Williams leading range of AC and Pre-Cat products allow great flexibility and can be adapted to suit your needs. We offer a colour matching and tinting service based on their excellent reactive pigment system, which provides good fastness properties due to the bonding that occurs during dying.

We have technical experts experienced in spraying and selling the Sherwin-Williams coatings range and are on hand to support you. If you are looking for internal AC and Pre-Cat products with excellent performance at a great price the Sherwin-Williams range is a great choice.

Sherwin Williams Wood Paint Coatings

Market Leading

As the largest paint manufacturer people across the world rely on Sherwin-Williams products for their projects. The American company has been producing paint for over 150 years and has a solution for every wood surface in any condition.

Interior Wood Coatings

Sherwin-Williams wide range of coatings designed for the wood finishing market are known for their great performance at affordable prices.

Reactive Pigments

We can produce coatings in any colour and any shade to suit your requirements, which thanks to their reactive pigments system will bond with the paint and hold their colour and brightness.

Founded in

$ Billion Sales in 2014

Standard Colours

Sherwin-Williams Acid Curing AC Coatings Primers and Laquers

Acid Curing Lacquer Range

Sherwin-Williams A/C lacquers are available in clear, medium and high build, combining superior build, fast drying, allow for easy sanding, and have good surface slip. Can be used coat on coat or with Sherwin-Williams A/C sealers. All systems meet FIRA 6250 General Use durability standard and are available in a variety of sheen levels to suit each requirement.

Acid Curing Pigmented Primers

The acid curing pigmented primer is a fast drying gives a durable yet flexible finish. They have high build properties and allow for easy sanding. The acid curing primers give at least 8 hours pot life, are touch dry in 15 minutes and are ready to sand/re-coat in an hour.

Acid Curing Pigmented Lacquers

Sherwin-Williams pigmented A/C Lacquers give a flexible yet durable finish. They are fast drying and available in standard build, high build and textured finishes. They are suitable for use on both soft and hardwood surfaces and offer long-lasting durability.

Pre Cat Primer

Fast drying, high build single part primer with excellent filling properties which are fast drying with good levelling and easy sanding. Use only under pre-cat topcoats. Recommended where superior resistance to Nitrocellulose is required, and where ease of application and repair are more important than durability. Can also be used as a general primer for many hand applied paints.

Pre Cat Lacquers

NM2002 melamine pre cat lacquers can be applied as a coat-on-coat system or over NL2004 Sealer/Basecoat. This range of lacquers are designed for ease of application and repair and are touch dry in 15 minutes.

Pre Cat Pigmented

The range of easy-to-use pigmented Lacquers are fast drying, and give finishes with good feel and surface slip with a quality finish every time. Recommended where superior resistance to Nitrocellulose is required, and where ease of application and repair are more important than durability. Not suitable for tabletops and work surfaces

Pre Cat Clear Sealer

Pre Cat Clear Sealer is to be used as the first coat before applying pre-cat lacquers. It is specially designed for ease of application and filling the grain. Always stir well and check sheen before use.

Sherwin-Williams Polyester PU Primer
Sherwin-Williams Pre Cat Coating
Sherwin-Williams Polyester Wood Coatings

Polyester Primer – PU

Sherwin-Williams polyester primer 3 part system typically has 3 x the build of other conventional lacquers. The finished article being sprayed can either be coated with Sherwin-Williams polyester lacquers or 2 pack polyurethane lacquers. The finished article will be resistant to humidity, water, alcohol, household solvents and temperature change.

Polyester Pigmented

The polyester pigmented lacquer system provides the ultimate high build finish with typically 3 x the build of other conventional laquers. The system us ultra high in Solids, excellent For grain filling and is perfect