Protega Paints

Protega Paints produce a wide range of professional metal coating systems and solutions which are known for their high performance and ease of application.

Protega Paints Limited are a British company and part of the Spencer Coatings Group, a major industrial coatings manufacturer. Spencer Coatings was established in Aberdeen in 1909 and built a reputation for high quality, durable products for seafaring vessels in the Atlantic and North Sea. They now offer a wide range of products for steel, concrete, wood and other substrates, ranging from primers, to thinners, to top coats.

We have many years of experience with the Protega Paints and are able to provide extensive support and advice on their product ranges.

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Protega Coatings

Protega Coatings have an extensive product range for metal and cladding protection including epoxy, alkyd, water borne and polyurethane finishes.


Prospeed Colour Matching

Thanks to the Protega Prospeed tinting system we are able to deliver paint in any colour and shade and in small volumes at short notice.

Part of Spencer Coatings

Protega was acquired by the Spencer Coatings Group in May 2015, one of the largest industrial coatings groups in the UK.

Protega Paints and Coatings Part of the Spencer Coatings Group