impra® wood paints and stains

impra® is the leading brand in RÜTGERS Organics GmbH’s wood finishing range. Manufactured in Germany impra® have a built a reputation for superior wood preservation and protection against pests and the environment.

Symphony Coatings are the exclusive UK supplier of impra®‘s excellent impralan® range of wood stain for indoor and outdoor use. Through impra®‘s coordinated system of glazes, opaque colours and primers we are able to create any colour you require whatever your project.

We have experts experienced with impra’s extensive product range who can help you to meet any requirement and ensure that you achieve the perfect finish, which lasts.

impra® Wood Paints

Impra coatings are well known for their high quality waterborne coating systems for exterior joinery. Impra is manufactured by Rutgers Organics who have over 140 years of experience in protecting timber with coatings and preservatives.
Impra wood coatings and exterior joinery

Exterior Wood Coatings

impra® make environmentally compatible products to protect and impregnate wood for outdoor use, whether in the garden, for facades or for use in children’s play areas.

Wide Range of Professional Coatings

Their professional products for exterior joinery, including impra®lan and profilan® ranges are renowned across Europe for their quality and durability.

Optimum Wood Protection

Made in Germany impra® products stand for optimum protection with maximum environmental consideration.


The expert system for the industrial surface coating of wood

impralan® is a water borne system for the industrial coating of wood. The impralan® exterior joinery systems have been tested to DIN EN 927-2 and are registered with the RAL institute. Impralan is suitable for application in window frame construction, balconies, fences or cladding.


Surface coatings for professionals

profilan® is impra®’s water and solvent-based professional range of translucent and opaque finishes. impra®‘s primers, wood stains and opaque paint systems are designed to meet even the most demanding environmental requirements offering optimal protection with minimal maintenance.