Water Based Coatings

Symphony Coatings supply water based coatings from a wide range of manufacturers. This includes Sherwin Williams, Renner and Impra. These include a range of EPA compliant basecoats, lacquers, primers and topcoats. They achieve a quality finish and rapid drying options to match top grade solvent based coatings.

Unlike alternative solvent based coatings, water based products benefit from being low odor. This is beneficial for larger commercial projects. Inhaling solvents is uncomfortable, and can be hazardous to the painters health. Water based paints do not evaporate into volatile organic compounds like solvents do. This is one of the reasons why water based coatings are incredibly popular.

Offering excellent drying times, these coatings are excellent for large applications. For further information on our water based coatings, please contact us.

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