Polyester Coatings

Symphony Coatings supply polyester coatings for wood from a wide range of manufacturers including Renner and Oece. This includes traditional wax polyesters, basecoats and direct gloss topcoats. They also come in both clear and pigmented finishes. They are mostly used where a “piano” high gloss finish is required.

Polyester Coatings give an impressive look that cannot be otherwise accomplished. Offering excellent resistance wear and tear and liquid and chemical resistance, they are ideal for a range of uses. These coatings are stunning topcoat for a wide variety of woods, particularly where a high gloss look is required. Due to their high solid content, these coatings are ideal for closed pore applications.

They give a long term, impressive look. The high standard finish will have any wood being the statement piece of your home. For more information about our polyester coatings, please contact us.

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