Fire Retardant Coatings

Symphony Coatings supply fire retardant coatings from a wide range of manufacturers. These include Renner and OECE. In line with British Standards these are used as fire protection systems by preventing the spread of flames across timber. Flame retardant coatings are most frequently used in large-scale industrial spaces, public buildings and new builds.

Fire retardant coatings work by releasing a dampening gas once they become too hot. This then prevents the wood from igniting. These are particularly ideal for coating doors, floors, cladding, and many other wooden areas and timber surfaces. In public areas such as hotels and other hospitality environments, fire retardant coatings are essential. They help to ensure you adhere to the correct laws and regulations relating to fire safety.

As well as protecting from the spread of fire, they also act as durable layer, providing protection from damage. Available in either a clear or pigmented finish, flame retardant coatings add a nice varnished like look to the wood.

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