External Opaque (Paint) Coatings

Symphony Coatings supply external opaque coatings from a wide range of manufacturers. This includes a range of high quality primers capable of dealing with the most challenging timber substrates. Accompanied with a range of topcoats available in all colours that show exceptional levels of elasticity. This enables them to be used on a wide range of exterior substrates such as cladding, windows and doors.

These solid colours are the perfect way to update your external woods. As they have opaque finish, these are perfect for hiding and knots or imperfections in the wood. This is ideal if you’re looking to bring fresh life to an old piece. While translucent coatings allow you to still see the natural grain of the wood, external opaque coatings are perfect giving a solid, consistent, all over colour. An added bonus of opaque coatings is that they offer a high level of long lasting protection from UV light. This makes them perfect for external applications.

The high performance level of our external opaque coatings means that you need not worry that the paint will crack or peel in harsh weather. This makes them perfect for coating exterior wood and exterior joinery. For more information please contact us today.

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