Any decorator will tell you that a good decorating job can only be achieved by using the correct tools. The correct tools can vary depending on the material you are working on, the type of paint you are working and many other factors. However, a consistently great choice for decorating is using a handheld spray gun. Spray guns have several benefits over pump alternatives and always give an impressive finish.handheld spray gun

The good thing about paint spray guns is that they come in a range of forms and sizes. From air spray guns to high volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray guns, handheld sprayers can be found to suit a wide range of applications.

One benefit that spray guns have over alternatives is speed. They spray can work much more efficiently than a brush or roller, and in most instances, give a more consistent coat. Sprays guns are particularly useful for large pieces, as the large spray radius allows for efficient coverage. They also allow tricky areas to be reached with ease, so they’re they’re the perfect tool for intricate pieces.

When using paint brushes or rollers, paint can become streaky, patchy or clumpy. This is particularly a problem when working with darker colours, as these really highlight the inconsistencies in the paintwork. With a spray gun, an even, constant and consistent stream of paint is ejected, providing an even coat. This is ideal for areas where paint clumping can be common, such as corners, bannisters, and intricate detailing.

Of course, spray guns need to be operated properly, as the high pressure used to emit the paint can be dangerous if not connected properly. A good choice for DIYers is HVLP spray guns as these use a lower amount of pressure, reduce paint wastage and can as such reduce the cost of paint.

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