Narrowboats are known for their vibrant, royal colours and striking patterns. However, given that canal boats are constantly exposed to the elements and harsh conditions, failure to choose the correct paint can lead narrow boats looking worn and weathered very quickly. You need to use a durable, high-quality paint that is purposefully designed to withstand tough weather conditions.Narrowboat Paint Project Image

Symphony Coatings have our own range of Narrowboat paints. Suitable for brush, roller or spray applications, our narrowboat paints are ultra-high quality, high solid synthetic gloss, perfect for such applications. The gloss element gives a stunning sheen to your canal boat, a look that won’t fade in a hurry. We know how important the appearance of a narrowboat is, which is why their specialist coatings have an extra-long wet edge time, meaning that there is no brush drag!

Painting your narrowboat isn’t just a case of applying a coat of paint, it is important that the boat is properly primed, coated and sealed. This is why Symphony Coatings offer everything you need to properly paint your narrowboat from start to finish, giving a look that is certain to last. Their range of basecoats, topcoats and undercoats are expertly crafted to work together to create a durable finish that a canal boat requires.

These different layers mean that your narrowboat will have the high pigmentation that narrowboats are famous for. Their durability means that the amount of time needed between repaints can dramatically extend.

In addition, Symphony Coatings offer an excellent range of wood coatings that are perfect for your narrowboats interior. These are designed to enhance the natural grain of the wood giving a stunning overall finish.

For more information on Symphony Narrowboat Paints, please visit the dedicated website.