Sia abrasives have introduced Sianet a new high performance net-backed abrasive

Sia have extended their abrasives product range with the new net-backed abrasives 7900 Sianet and 7500 Sianet. The new net-backed abrasive range can be used for coarse and fine grinding of different materials and surfaces thanks to the differing grains and grit used.

The open net structure allows vacuum dust extraction across the whole disk, reducing clogging of the abrasive, extending service life and greatly reducing dust in the working area. The range is widely compatible as it is independent of hole numbers or patterns, this allows for fast and simple installation on all backing pads and hand abrasive tools.

Thanks to the sturdy net backing the disks are tear resistant, unlike traditional paper abrasive disks, and are highly flexible without creasing.

sianet 7900 7500 abrasive sanding disk


  • Keying paints, primers, lacquers, body fillers, primer fillers and plastics
  • Intermediate sanding of varnishes and lacquer
  • Fine sanding surfaces and edges
  • Preparation for polishing on high-gloss surfaces
  • Sanding off coatings and impurities
  • Fine sanding solid wood, veneers, solid surface materials,  priming foil, plaster and plasterboard


  • Full-surface dust extraction and minimal clogging
  • High removal rates and long service life
  • Ultimate flexibility and fitting
  • Near dust-free working area
  • Compatible with all backing pads and hand abrasive tools
sia 7500 7900 sianet disc 150mm

sianet 7900

The 7900 is perfect for softer materials such as softwood, paint, putty, primer, filler or plaster.

sianet 7500

The 7500 is suited to harder substrates, such as hard putty, mineral or composite materials.