Firewall, Fire-Design EUROCLASS B -s1, d0

The Highest Fire-retardant Coatings Level

The New Symphony Coatings Firewall fire-retardant and intumescent coating systems are certified EUROCLASS B-s2, d0. These latest generation products, both water-based and solvent-based, obtain the necessary certificate of fire prevention for public places with high footfall which are required to comply with the latest regulations.

EUROCLASS B-s2, d0 coating systems are specific for woods such as multilayer and veneered MDF, but in general, are the correct choice to achieve the best European class of fire-resistance for all-natural flammable woods in D-s2, d0 class.

At Symphony Coatings, we offer full onsite support from our 15 field-based, market-leading technical experts who are also backed by our Manufacturer. We will also provide you with a compliance declaration, certificate of supply and technical and safety data sheet. Firewall, fire-retardant coatings were designed for floors, claddings, walls, ceilings and furniture in public areas or areas with high footfall.

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