Symphony Coatings provide comprehensive Sprayshop audits to ensure you get the best finish possible, no matter what surface you are preparing or painting. The free audits are available to all companies wether you are a customer of Symphony Coatings or not.

We have experienced technical experts across the country who are able to visit your site and provide a Free Spray Shop Audit tailored to your needs.

Your audit can focus on identifying potential cost savings as well as improving efficiency, productivity and process control as well as addressing any issues you currently have. Audit results are treated confidentially and are impartial to existing paint application spray methods and to equipment manufacturers and paint suppliers.


  • Identify Cost Savings
  • Solve and Prevent Issues
  • Increase Operating Efficiency
  • Personalised Training and Advice
  • Advice and Guidance on the Latest Spray Technology
  • Health and Safety Compliance

Areas Covered

  • Spray Application Technique
  • Perfect Surface Preperation
  • Waste Management
  • Health and Safety Best Practices
  • Special Effect Techniques
  • Many more besides

Are you getting the most out of your Sprayshop?