Skin irritations, respiratory problems, and fire are among the most common hazards posed by spray-painting operations. Besides adequate administrative and engineering controls, proper PPE (personal protective equipment) should be provided to workers to protect them from these hazards.Health and Safety PPE Equipment Mask and Clothing

This article describes good practice for spraying paints it a spray shop and the types of equipment that should be used. It covers the key points you need to follow to help reduce exposure to an acceptable level.


  • Exposure to solvent vapours may result in a number of health effects, eg the central nervous system, irritation of eye, skin and respiratory system.
  • Reactive products (eg epoxy and isocyanate-containing paints) may cause asthma by breathing in paint mist. They can also cause dermatitis by skin contact.

When spraying:

  • Employers should provide ‘compliant’ spray guns that minimise paint mist.3m 4251 disposable respirator PPE
  • Measure the clearance time for the habitat.
  • Set the habitat extraction running before spraying begins. Keep it running for at least the clearance time after spraying.
  • Ensure that air-fed breathing apparatus is worn for spraying and that the users check it works properly every time they use it.
  • Workers must keep their breathing apparatus in until they have left the habitat

Correct PPE for spraying:

  • Provide air-fed CE-marked RPE with an assigned protection factor of at least 20. Use either an air-fed half-mask with a visor (LDM2) or an airfed visor (LDH3). Provide dedicated connectors to prevent accidental connection to non-breathing lines, eg nitrogen.
  • Provide a disposable cover to protect the visor from spray.
  • Provide disposable coveralls. Discard these at the end of the shift.
  • Provide chemical resistant gloves, eg Nitrile, latex or vinyl. Single-use gloves are preferred.
  • Tell workers to discard single-use gloves every time they take them off.Hand Protection Latex Gloves
  • Provide ear plugs or muffs here decibel readings are high as the equipment is producing loud and strong noise.

If you are at all unsure about the correct PPE for paint spraying then please contact Symphony Coatings for advice.