Impact Coatings is a powder and wet coating company based in Colchester, Essex. They carry out work for commercial companies which make use of their large powder coating production line and sizable oven and for the public who make use of their specialist knowledge in custom coatings and new hydrographics system.

We have been supplying Impact Coatings for over 8 years in both wet paint and powder coatings, they use our daily free delivery service on orders over £50 +VAT as well as making regular visits to our trade counter in Colchester when passing or when in need of urgent supplies.

Helping to Make an Impact

To help Impact Coatings provide the best possible finish and service to their customers we supply them with a wide range of market leading coatings and full ongoing technical support to ensure that they get the best performance.

They have also helped us to develop and improve upon our Powder Coatings range through testing, feedback and technical advice. Working with our suppliers this has helped us improve the powder coating range we have available through our company and our online powder supplies website Powder Point.

As well as the large volume of Powder Coatings we supply they also buy wet coatings including the excellent Hempel Hempadur 45143 Epoxy 2 pack top coat and Hempel’s Pro Acrylic 55880 2 pack top coat. We also supply them with all of their consumables, abrasives and PPE.

You can visit Impact Coatings website to find out more about them and see examples of their work.