Symphony Coatings is the home of RapidPaint which used to operate as an indipendant paint supplier out of our Bradford Street Birmingham depot. Through our Birmingham depot we are able to continue the great service and wide range of industrial paints and coatings our Rapid Paint customers are used to.

RapidPaint was well-known for high performance protective coatings from highway infrastructure and structural steel to highly durable marine coatings, selling a range of professional products from factory floor paints and maintenance paints which we continue to sell through Symphony Coatings wide range of world leading paint suppliers.

Symphony Coatings West Midlands

Symphony Coatings West Midlands

197-199 Bradford Street, Birmingham, B12 0JD
T: 01216 934020
F: 01216 935665

Rapid Paint – The Paint Factory

The new home of Rapid Paint Industrial Coatings

Rapid Paint Industrial Coatings - RapidPaint - The Paint Factory

We continue to supply the many paints and coatings which Rapid Paint customers are accustomed to including:

  • High build primers and topcoats for steel structures
  • Factory maintenance and floor paints
  • Stoving finishes
  • Heat resistant finishes
  • Vinyl coatings
  • Highways agency approved products
  • Masonry paint
  • Emulsions and gloss for interior decoration
  • Waterborne paint systems
  • Anti graffiti coatings
  • PVC & plastic coatings
  • Fluorescent paint
  • Line marking paint
  • DA / Fibre Discs
  • Cutting and Grinding Discs
  • Masking, Edge and Line Tape
  • Paint Stripper and Panel Wipe
  • Gun, Wash, White Spirit, Methylated Spirits
  • Respirators, Dust Masks, Goggles and Safety Specs