Sikkens / Azko Nobel Wood Coatings

The Sikkens brand of translucent stains and opaque wood coatings from Akzo Nobel, is a market leader in Europe and is recognised as a specialist in the woodcare industry.

AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company whose portfolio includes the well-known UK brands of as Dulux, Sikkens, International and Hammerite.

Sikkens professional coating systems bring constant innovation, technical excellence, premium quality and high performance to Architects, Specifiers and Interior Designers for new and maintenance applications. Their low maintenance and high performance systems, from factory applied joinery coatings to decorative site finishes are relied upon across the world.

Symphony Coatings provide comprehensive support on all of the Sikkens wood coatings range, providing technical advice including providing samples and application advice, health and safety issues and preparing detailed individual specifications.


Enhancing the Beauty of Wood

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World Leader in Paint

Sikkens is a division of AkzoNobel, the largest paint and coatings company supplying industries and consumers worldwide. They are well known for their Dulux and Cuprinol ranges in the UK.

Professional Coating Systems

The Sikkens wood coating brand provides professional paint systems, bringing innovation, technical excellence, premium quality and high performance products for new and maintenance applications.

Enhancing the Beauty of Wood

Sikkens wood coatings provide a leading range of high performance, low maintenance systems, from factory applied joinery coatings to decorative site finishes.

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Coating formulations

Sikkens Wood Coatings

Sikkens Wood Coatings

Wood has to be protected against the harsh environment of the UK and the continual effect of moisture, especially where used as a building material. The construction of the material as well as its coating are its main sources of protection, should moisture ever penetrate the unit Sikkens primers and impregnations offer reliable protection from rotting, blueing and discolouration.

Protect your wood against blue stains and rotting fungi by using Sikkens impregnating base coat which allows ingredients reach deep into the wood through it’s innovative phase transfer technology, which increases protection and can be achieved through the impregnation of individual parts, particularly in tongue-and-groove areas. This method improves the ‘natural durability’ of all softwoods and leaf woods as well as improving the security and durability for the unit.

Waterproof Primers
Sikkens coatings provide wood protection as well as a priming function in just one step with their 2-in-1 product. By using Sikkens impregnating base coat up to 50% of your material costs and 25% of your processing time can be saved, giving the maximum level of profit at the minimum cost.


Primers are the link between the coating and wood surfaces, their composition influences decisive characteristics of the coating system such as bonding.

The development of primer requires special diligence with respect to the selection of raw material, testing and system compatibility. Sikkens use modern technology based on bonding dispersions in water-thinnable products, resulting in a high penetration capability with deep and permanent anchorage cell structure of the wood.

Varnish Primers

Sikkens CETOL® WP series is available in a great variation of colour shades, allowing the replication of practically every wood tone.

Attractive colour tones and custom collections can be created through a combination with top coats (CETOL® WF 950/955 or CETOL® WF 952/957). The inherent colour and surface structure of wood can be intensified, leveled or concealed through specific selection of colour shade, depending on its quality.

Primer Sikkens


Wooden windows are only functional as long as they have all-round protection. Structural points, such as corner joints of windows, are particularly susceptible to attack. This is because the wood’s natural movement works in different directions which can rapidly open V joints. An open joint is susceptible to moisture penetration into the wood. This will cause the wood to swell allowing fungal spores to intrude as well as allowing for further consequential damage.

Sikkens sealant products can help protect V joints and prevent damage.

Preventing damage
For long-lasting, preventative protection against moisture absorption in V joint areas we urgently recommend elastic sealing with Kodrin WV 472 for transparent and Kodrin WV 470 for opaque systems after the primer. This ensures the durability of the wooden window for your customer.

Mid- Coat Systems

Surfaces with 2-coat coverage (mid and top coats) are usually treated with the same product for both coats, however in many cases better results can be achieved with a combination of products. Sikkens recommend combined solutions for certain woods which can prevent the formation of weak points.

Translucent mid coats
Hard woods with large porous structures are often not optimal for a conventional, sprayed mid coating on pore borders and edges. This means that no uniform, sealed film can form at these positions with sufficient pore-filling. These critical areas can become weak spots in later weathering where moisture and UV radiation is able to penetrate. A Sikkens mid coat provides increased system safety in such cases.

Opaque intermediate coats
In woods rich in ingredients (except for larch), RUBBOL® WM 270 offers good protection against discolourations in combination with an isolating primer. The recommended drying times must be observed and upheld (see technical data sheet).

Varish Primers Sikkens
Impregnation Sikkens

Sikkens Top Coats

Opaque – RUBBOL

The opaque coatings of Sikkens RUBBOL® product range give wooden windows and doors significantly greater durability and protection, while providing a great finish and aesthetics.
Rubbol® is the brand for the Opaque or Solid Color coatings. This product line dates back to the 1930’s when Sikkens innovative research and development engineered Rubbol as one of the first flexible coatings for the European market.

It is this name Rubbol which personifies the flexibility, breathability and durability of these product lines.

Translucent – CETOL

Sikkens translucent CETOL® top coats gives the natural appearance of the wood a fresh, attractive look and also ensures surface protection. Improved varnish film properties make the coating less sensitive to mechanical stresses.
Cetol® is the brand name of Sikkens products that fall into either the Translucent, Clear or Semi-Transparent categories. When you see a product with Cetol on the label, this product will allow you to see the wood grain and character of the wood through the coating (though it may colour the wood).

The Cetol series is available in a great variation of colour shades, practically every natural wood tone can be replicated. Convince your customers with transparent, even surfaces – in different gloss grades and many wood colour shades.

Elements of Innovation Award Finals

We are pleased to announce that our nomination the revolutionary Formaldehyde Free FF range from AkzoNobel has been placed in the finals of the ‘Elements of Innovation Award’. The Innovation Award is making its debut at the W16 Wood and Joinery Exhibition and Elements Show.

AkzoNobel at forefront of formaldehyde free options

In 2014 formaldehyde was reclassified as a Carcinogen Category 1B. As a Category 1 carcinogen, the use of formaldehyde has now been regulated by the Carcinogen and Mutagen Directive in EU workplaces. Bearing in mind the EU workplace changes that are about to be...

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