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Industrial Metal Coatings

Through our extensive knowledge of the metal coatings industry and our unequalled range of marine, protective and powder coatings we can find you the right product to suit any requirement.

By supplying the best metal coatings from around the world we can ensure that you can effectively and efficiently prevent corrosion and fouling whether it be on bridges, buildings, containers, cranes and boats or any other metal structure.

We supply coatings for any substrate whatever the environment, from antifouling for marine environments, through protective coatings for structural steel to powder coatings for furniture.

Protective Metal Coatings on Crane and Steel Structure

High Performance Coatings

We stock an extensive range of high performance metal coatings from leading manufacturers across the world. Supplying professional coatings for the protective, marine, container, yacht and decorative market segments.

Colour Matching

RAL, British Standard, NCS or a custom colour? We have colour mixing facilities based across the UK to ensure that you can get the colour you need, when you need it.

Experts in Protective Coatings

We have a team of on the road technical advisors who are experts in metal and protective coatings and have had extensive training by our suppliers to ensure they are able to get you the best protection for your substrate.